Niré Beauty Makeup Brush Set: Make up Brushes with Brush Case, Beauty Blender and Cleaner

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Pro-level design:

All Niré Beauty brushes are made with ergonomic wooden brush handles and lightweight ferrules in rose golden or silver. Ranging in size from handle to ferrule depending on their function, you have the freedom to use the entire handle for sweeping blending techniques or grip closer to the ferrule for more precise application.

Niré Beauty Face Brushes:
– Blending Sponge
– Flat Top Kabuki Foundation Brush
– Soft Focus Powder Brush
– Angled Blush Brush
– Contour/Highlight Brush
– Soft Focus Concealer Brush

Niré Beauty Eye Brushes:
– Large Eyeshadow Brush
– Precision Eyeshadow Brush
– Angled Eyeshadow Brush
– Eyeshadow Blending Brush
– Pencil Brush
– Eyeliner Brush
– Angled / Spoolie Brush


Deluxe Brush Case:

Why not travel with your favourite brushes? Every set arrives inside a gorgeous black brush holder that opens into two separate brush cups. Both functional and chic, this container keeps you organised when at home or on the go; like our brushes, it is vegan-friendly!

PureForm Silicone Brush Cleaning Tool:

This set comes with a BONUS Cleaning Tool. The key to glowing skin is to wash your brushes regularly, and using the PureForm brush cleaner makes the VITAL deep cleaning process quick, easy, and effective. Unnecessary break-outs can now be avoided as the PureForm ridges cleanse the bristles just enough to release stale makeup, dirt, and oils that would otherwise have gone back on your face.EVERYTHING YOU NEED: 12 full sized professional make-up brushes, a foundation blending sponge, a brush cleaning tool, AND a pro brush holder that opens into two brush cups. Designed by professional makeup artists to help you create ALL those beautiful looks today!

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